Philosopher Queen
TitlePhilosopher Queen
DirectorRuth Novaczeck
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionA trip through the psyche of the 'post Holocaust' woman. An avant garde musical of musing on the philosophy of despair and its bittersweet humour. A hypnotic fairground ride through time, tragedy and cups of coffee. Exile and unbelonging characterise Jewish identity, a community that is sited everywhere but has no place. How does a post-Holocaust woman find a home in a post-Holocaust world' Using performance, found-footage and reconstructions Philosopher Queen undermines prevalent Jewish stereotypes by wearing them as a masquerade, a costume that can be taken up or put down. However the imagery and the sound allude to an ancient history and an ancient culture that persists, often through humour, despite oppression and persecution.