DirectorTran T Kim Trang
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionThis piece investigates the conjunction of sexuality with: the eye, as purveyor of desire; the sexual fear and fantasy of blindness, with a focus on the blindfold; and women and AIDS. By considering the wearer of the blindfold as a subject, the choice to not-see is reclaimed and may embody a (female sexuality) touch-based pleasure in contrast to a (male sexuality) vision-based pleasure. This choice to not-see, could it bring the wearer a bit closer and faster to 'the little death', facilitating ecstasy for the subject' How does fear and fantasy contrast with the reality of vision-loss in advance stages of AIDS? Any engagement with sexuality today will, by clarity of vision, address the issue of women and AIDS, and in this context, of the institutional oversight between the majority of the population and the disease- and that this systematic disregard results in fatalities.