Je N'aime Pas Les Crepes Suzette
TitleJe N'aime Pas Les Crepes Suzette
DirectorStephane Jaggers
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionAfter attempts at exchanging cooking recipes, an intense domestic altercation and an episode with a heavy breather, Isolde and Seashell, two young women of opposite personalities, the one blithe and fun-loving, the other morbid and depressive, roam the streets and cafes of Paris in search of true love. Through the eyes of the local butcher, a keen observer of humanity, we witness Isolde's generally disastrous and hopeless encounters with a series of patronising, overbearing, excessively sentimental or gay men; and discover Seashell's jealous obsession with her boyfriend Sonar. The butcher seems to own the key to their innermost secrets and thus acts as the commentator of this offbeat and quirky narrative. Raucous love songs, sexy butchers, tattooed youths in the throes of amour, anguished torment: everything French under the sun. Take these elements, mix and create your very own DIY romance.