Journey of No Return
TitleJourney of No Return
DirectorMitra Tabrizian
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionJourney of No Return is a series of tableaux, put together as a fake autobiography of a woman. The woman is writing a script which takes in other people's experiences and presents them as her own. Her fantasy has a real effect on the construction of her identity. She claims to be a photographer but has never taken a photograph; work in a peep-show, but does not; be a script-writer but someone else writes the dialogue. The woman with no name and no country, is searching for her sense of belonging through letters to her father. She is, perhaps, from the 'Third World'. She encounters certain aspects of Western culture, to which she is attracted, and yet resistant. Her curiosity with the peep-show, to her mind the world of sexual exploration with its fear and fascination, is something she was not allowed back home, in a film that is concerned with the de-idealisation of the West and the crisis of identity.