8 Million
Title8 Million
DirectorAbigail Child
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionShort songs chart erotic tales in an urban topology. Includes FISHTANK, SHIVER, KISS OF FIRE, 8 MILLION WAYS TO DIE, and FAINT CLUE. The myths of popular culture—romance and TV soaps— provide the motifs for the work which restructures memory-image-fragment to foreground the body against a mechanized landscape. In the shape of small stories, 8 Million rewrites women's drama. The artists have worked together previously as a part of VIDEO MUSICA held at The Garage NYC in the fall of 1989, in which some of these songs were performed ‘live’. The project stresses the potential for image to take its place as a musical component, to be a member of the band. And on occasion to be the basis of the score: image as conductor, the music performed to the video. Musicians: Catherine Jauniaux (vocals), Zeena Parkins (accordian), Hahn Rowe (violin) and Ikue Mori (percussion).