The Blot
TitleThe Blot
DirectorLois Weber
Duration1hr 44mins
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionSophisticated story-telling full of digressions, sharply-observed detail and a great deal of wit as well as a campaigning spirit, all to be found in The Blot. The central narrative is built around the impoverished Griggs family, but Lois Weber's film goes beyond this family and its powerful mother/daughter relationship, introducing themes about class, wealth and social behaviour and the conventions which shape women's lives. ' I like to direct because I believe that a woman more or less intuitively brings out many of the emotions that are rarely expressed on the screen. I may miss what some of the male directors get, but I will get other effects that they will miss.' Lois Weber (1862 - 1939) During her directing career Lois Weber is reputed to have made between 200 and 400 films. Only about fifty have been positively credited to her so far and most of these are now sadly lost.