The Man Who Envied Women
TitleThe Man Who Envied Women
DirectorYvonne Rainer
Duration2hr 5mins
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionWith the unique style that has characterised her four previous features, Yvonne Rainer explores the issues of sexuality, ageing, power relations and political activism. Around a familiar theme - the break-up of a marriage - Rainer constructs an honest, graceful and wickedly funny account of a self-satisfied womaniser. He is Jack Deller, the man 'who knows almost too much about women'. Is he a feminist - or a coloniser' THE MAN WHO ENVIED WOMEN is a film about the oppositions we create not only between the sexes but also between theory and action, the conscious and the unconscious. Intellect and emotion, and our personal and global concerns. 'In their multi-levelled disjointed style, Rainer's films revive the lessons of Duchamp, the Cubists, even the epic, to create melodramas for our time, works which address the fractured sensibility of anyone living in the difficult world of modern urban culture.' (B Ruby Rich)