Peasant Women of Ryazan (Babi Riazanskic)
TitlePeasant Women of Ryazan (Babi Riazanskic)
DirectorOlga Prebrazhenskaya
Duration1hr 10mins
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionSet in the years 1916-18 Peasant Women Of Ryazan portrays life in a close-knit rural community in Revolutionary Russia concentrating on the oppression of women in that community. The film revolves around two women - one who accepts an arranged marriage and the other who rejects the old traditions and rebels against her family. The lives and struggles of the women are presented in great detail - spinning, weaving and harvesting the corn. ' Peasant Women of Ryazan is one of the greatest and most beautiful films that has ever been made. It combines construction, beauty and dramatic power together with beautiful photography. But the negative was destroyed in the fire at the Afifa works last autumn and it is said unless a copy was preserved in Russia it is unlikely the picture can ever be shown again.' (Bryher - The Problems of Soviet Russia, 1929) Olga Preobrazhenskaya was born in 1884. She directed or co-directed over 16 films of which Peasant Women Of Ryazan is generally considered to be her finest achievement. Please note that the few interviews in the film are in Russian with Dutch Sub-titles.