The Seashell and The Clergyman
TitleThe Seashell and The Clergyman
DirectorGermaine Dulac
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionInspired by Flaubert's 'Madame Bovary', this is the story of Mme. Beudet who is married to a bombastic older man. One night she refuses to go to the opera with him and, left behind, dreams up the near perfect murder. Her plan mis-fires (though he doesn't even notice) and Mme. Beudet is left as she began, an unsmiling and discontent chattel. Whilst conveying a sense of Mme. Beudet's own feeling of captivity, the film looks critically at the state of marriage, especially within provincial life, as sealed and sanctified by the patriarchal institutions of Church and State.