Syvilla: They Dance to Her Drum
TitleSyvilla: They Dance to Her Drum
DirectorAyoka Chenzira
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionSyvilla: They Dance To Her Drum is a documentary film portraying the life of, first-generation African-American concert dancer, Syvilla Fort, whose enormous contributions to the performing arts, and her significance as a teacher left an indelible print on successive generations of Black dance-artists. Scenes of her earlier performances on stage testify to her greatness and the beauty and poetry in her dance that were uniquely her own. She combined African, Caribbean and American rhythms to create her own style of choreography, and evoked a tempo that still, today, is a great influence on modern dance companies. The film conveys what a vital force Syvilla Fort was to the dance movement, and the history of women who, like her, were written out of history and into obscurity.