Daalda 13: A Portrait of Homai Vyarwalla
TitleDaalda 13: A Portrait of Homai Vyarwalla
DirectorMonica Baker
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionHomai Vyarawalla was a pioneer in the field of documentary photography. She began taking photographs in the 1930's her work spans more than three decades in the birth of the 'young India' and she is responsible for some of the key images through which this perioed is framed. From the assasination of Ghandhi through to the optimism of independence. In Dalda 13, Homai Vyarawaalla narrates the stories behind these images and gives a fascinating account of her extraordinary life. The film further explores the relevance of her work today and why Homai Vyarawalla is a vital, yet unrecognised contributor to the international genre of documentary photography.