Special Delivery
TitleSpecial Delivery
Director Red Flannel Films
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionRecent years have seen a deepening divide in attitudes towards maternity care. On one side are the mainly male obstetricians, interested in the risks and complications of labour, who believe against all evidence that 'high tech' birthing equals a low mortality rate and often apply it without selection, evaluation or reference to mothers. On the other side are the mothers and midwives who want a safe but sensitive service that sees childbirth as part of life, not as a disease. Special Delivery seeks to discover why an experience so essentially female still has its rules made by men. Using documentary, drama and archive footage, it focuses on the role of the midwife who, throughout history, has found herself on the front line, battling with the 'medical men' for better care and understanding of women during childbirth.