The Disabled Women's Theatre Project
TitleThe Disabled Women's Theatre Project
Director Disabled Women's Theatre Project
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionThis videotape is a dynamic series of skits and performances by the Disabled Women's Theatre Project. In exploring and communicating the experience of disability through theatre, the Company convey the outrageous, absurd, funny, painful and dramatic moments of their lives. They deal with everything from employment and public transport to the Avon lady, telethons and kitchen chaos. By presenting these situations in a humorous way, the Company increase public awareness of both the creative abilities and the needs of the disabled community. The performances are delivered with strong artistic conviction. Pat Regan, director of the Project, affirms, 'Women with disabilities face a double discrimination. As women we are considered to be less competent than men in areas requiring intelligence and skill. As disabled women we are considered undesirable in fulfilling the traditional female roles of sexual object, reproduction mate and functional housekeeper. Our existence in society is viewed as inherently passive and dependent.'