Breaking the Mould
TitleBreaking the Mould
DirectorA Douglas, K Hagget, S Green, A Mannion, D Taylor
FormatUmatic video
DescriptionCombining a lively mix of animation and interviews Breaking The Mould examines why women, in particular, suffer from eating disorders. Wonderland in this instance presents a bundle of contradictions for Alice who is caught between a world littered with images of women from newspapers, magazines and holiday brochures, and the fantasy world of fairy tales. Questions begin to whirl around in her head: Why is it that 95% of those suffering from anorexia are women' As Alice dives into an array of cream cakes, chocolate and tempting delights (the things that little girls are made of) the tape cuts to an interview with three schoolgirls discussing how the media distort and objectify women's bodies in an effort to sell products. Contrasted are the views of three boys who don't feel pressurised to look a certain way or watch what they eat.