DirectorRobina Rose
Duration1hr 7mins
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionJigsaw is a film that examines autism, a state in which the mind locks into fantasy so that communication with the outside world becomes increasingly remote. Starting with a sympathetic look at a group of autistic children, the film shows their behaviour and uncovers some surprising talents (such as a series of remarkable paintings.) At the same time it experiments formally with sounds and images which attempt to convey the state of autism. By the end of the film the children have disappeared, and we are left immersed in the abstraction of their/our condition. We 'become autistic' rather than 'observe autism'. We recognise ourselves rather than retreat into voyeurism. 'A creative and expressive film whose obsessive tunnel vision climax becomes an hypnotic, articulate metaphor for an inarticulate world.' (Helen Mackintosh, City Limits)