The Words/ Wounds Of Silence
TitleThe Words/ Wounds Of Silence
DirectorHelen Doyle
FormatUmatic video
Description'Psychiatry and our prejudices, our daily response to the women we call crazy...What if we listened to the words of stifled women, the words of silence? No longer to be afraid, afraid to experience intensity, complicity, creativity and, above all, to have the power to invent our own lives. A reflection with creativity as its starting point, pieces of poetry, songs, texts, plays, readings, assembled together like a patchwork quilt.' (Helen Doyle) 'The novel aspects of the theme raised in Helen Doyle's tape are represented by her attempts to forge conceptual links between creativity and madness in women. The participants in the film - singers, writers, dancers, artists, musicians - all share two things in common: all the women have at one time been hospitalised and all have sought to dispel the label 'crazy' through creative work. In interviews, these women talk of their experiences with hospitals, psychiatrists and drugs, in many cases expressing their so-called madness as the silencing of an inner or bodily voice.' (Jill McGreal)