Changing Time
TitleChanging Time
DirectorLindy Summers
FormatUmatic video
DescriptionChanging Time uses a process of recounting to deal with the film-maker's own experience of sexual assault when she was a child of eight years old. 'I wanted to describe the event in order to understand it better and by externalising it to free myself from it. I tried to ... make it understandable so that my audience would be able to share rather than just witness that experience. The tape is called Changing Time because (making it) has changed the time I had in the woods from a damaging experience to a source of growth, contact and an opportunity to share profound experiences with strangers.' (Lindy Summers) 'It starts as an account of a family growing up...home movies record not just the passage of time but a sense of nostalgia, an adult perspective. Then the focus shifts, subtly and unexpectedly, and we're in the past with an eight-year-old girl reliving clearly and calmly the time when she was sexually molested. We're made so much a part of her...and her ambivalence towards it that we never even see the man - just the sunlight in the woods, the leaves of a blackberry bush.' (Helen Mackintosh)