Groove on a Stanley Knife
TitleGroove on a Stanley Knife
DirectorTinge Krishnan
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionGroove frantically plunges into the dark history of two women fleeing violent crack dealers in the north of England. Holed up in a disused public toilet, the stress and claustrophobia of the long night forces the pair to confront the realities of their friendship. Ugly memories begin to envelop the present until the shocking truth emerges. The film blends harrowing flashback sequences and a narrative of defiant wit. Groove's kinetic look, interwoven with a powerful contemporary soundtrack mirrors the ephemeral and deceptive world these two women inhabit. 'Although this film has scenes of violence, it is always motivated towards representing reality. The aim is to take the audience on a journey beyond stereotyped representations of violence, particularly female violence'. Tinge Krishnan