Secret Sound Screaming
TitleSecret Sound Screaming
DirectorAyoka Chenzira
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionThe film features the story of a mother who has recently discovered that the girl's father has sexually abused her six-year old daughter. The mother expresses her anger and frustration with the court system, which appears to protect the father's rights at the expense of the child victim. Intercut are the stories of other women and men who were sexually abused as children - they speak of their experiences of coping with their own emotions and feelings of guilt as a victim of an offence which goes through all racial and socio-economic barriers - from the highest to the lowest. Interviews with social workers and rape counsellors give insight into important issues frequently not addressed; notions of 'provocation', what kind of offenders get away with the crime, the impact of rape and class and the media's role in eroticising children through consumer advertising. Besides these cases, the film shows examples of preventative programmes in the United States, which use drama and self-assertiveness training to education children at an early age. The importance of working with mothers to enable them to help their children is stressed as well as the need to improve the laws governing children's rights.