DirectorLynne Conroy
Format16mm, Umatic video
DescriptionIroning, is an interpretation of a section of Tillie Olsen's work, 'As I stand here ironing'. Through the memories of a woman at her ironing board, the film lays before us the history of a mother- daughter relationship and its ever-changing moods. Unusually, the story is told from the older woman's point of view. From the opening close-up of a shiny, hissing iron through briefly-glimpsed flashbacks, to the present, the mood is quietly sympathetic and precisely observed, imbuing the black and white images with a controlled tenderness that never slips into sentimentality. 'I wanted to make a film whose source is our common love for each other even if that love has been rooted in pain and separation. Aesthetically I wanted to create frames that protest the degradation of women's bonds and fragmentation of ourselves.' (Lynne Conroy)