DirectorJeni Thornley
Format16mm, Umatic video
DescriptionMaidens is a compilation documentary of four generations of the film-maker's family (from 1906-1977), which uses a selection of images - old family photographs, slides, home-movies - and excerpts from a number of Australian women's films in which the film-maker herself has appeared. 'Jeni Thornley traces the herstory of her maternal family from its extended family beginnings to a Tasmanian farm through two wars and a depression to her own immediate family living in the city. It is the story of seventy years of change and upheaval, the gradual disintegration of the traditional family and the search for new forms and ways of relating as typified by Jeni's attempt to break the pattern of the past and to create a new identity for herself The images are woven together by her intensely powerful and poetically evocative narrative.' (Margaret Flaws)