Just Because of Who we Are
TitleJust Because of Who we Are
DirectorAbigail Norman Heramedia
Format16mm, Vhs video
DescriptionJust Because Of Who We Are is a challenging documentary, focusing on a subject rarely discussed by mainstream media: violence against lesbians. Incidents of police intimidation, physical and psychological harassment, arrests and alcoholism are recalled in interviews with women living in New York - victims of abuse because they are lesbians. Issues of class, race and sexual identity are linked, bringing the problems faced by lesbians - in particular Black lesbians who are more susceptible to all kinds of attack - into a political context. Religious protesters at a Gay Pride march, and the testimonies of 'concerned' citizens at a New York City Council hearing against the proposed Gay Rights Bill are indicative of public attitude, at a time when lesbians and gay men are becoming increasingly organised and visible. 'The tape provokes the desire to protest, to change society, to go out and picket, to cry out loud - to fight for personal freedom and the right to choice'. (Roberta Olivo, New York Native)