The Mark of Lilith
TitleThe Mark of Lilith
DirectorP Gladwin, I Mack-Nataf, Bruna Fionda
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionThe Mark Of Lilith is a film that deconstructs traditional images of the vampire and confronts power, race and general politics within relationships. Lilith has two distinct strands. In one, a young Black lesbian filmmaker, Zena, undertakes a project on the goddesses of the past who slowly declined and came to be seen as demons. Part of her research involves watching horror films. The second strand involves Lillia, a white female vampire and the heroine of one of the films Zena watches. In this as in all other vampire films, Lillia's role is defined as that of parasite and victim. Her lover Luke is also a vampire, but she finds his insatiable bloodlust increasingly disturbing. Inevitably the two women meet and return to Zena's flat. They start an affair, which enables Lillia to overcome her amnesiac existence as a figment of a distorted masculine fantasy. Zena is able to make an analogy between the creation of female monsters and the way society as a whole views Black and lesbian women. The film builds its own sense of threat through a highly symbolic use of locations and animal imagery. Some scenes parody the horror element while others utilise theoretical material in a self-reflexive manner.