Framing Lesbian Fashion
TitleFraming Lesbian Fashion
DirectorKaren Everett
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionThis highly entertaining documentary explores how North America's diverse lesbian culture has used clothing to signify social and political identities over the last forty years. The filmmaker combines her personal story (bracketing the film with a tongue-in-cheek fashion show by the film maker herself) with the fashion journeys of six other lesbians. Characters tell how in the early days of feminism, newly politicised lesbians shunned feminine apparel and the old butch/femme look for an androgynous uniform. In the 1990s, lesbians are edging toward the stage of mainstream American society, sporting a splash of culturally signified costumes that are sewn with possibilities and perils. The video uses archival photographs, interviews and 'women's music' to evoke days gone by. As the video progresses, the camera follows characters into lesbian households, boutiques and dance clubs. These cinema verite sequences imbue viewers with the ordinary flavour of revolutionary lives.