Home-Made Melodrama
TitleHome-Made Melodrama
DirectorJacqui Duckworth
Format16mm, Umatic video
DescriptionUsing the narrative devices of melodrama (both ironically and to magnify the emotional emphasis) HOME-MADE MELODRAMA follows the struggles of three women whose search for harmony takes them through pressures and contradictions, jealousies and insecurities. Two years later the women look back together on the intense claustrophobic nature of their relationship. 'The film doesn't try to idealise lesbian relationships but attempts to confront honestly the problems of monogamy and non-monogamy.' (Jacqui Duckworth) 'We're both drawn into this soap operatic story of three youngish London women (who predictably get into an awful triangle) and pulled away again by the lengthy - and claustrophobic - interior sequences, by the 'Women's Own' documentary-style recollections of their relationships, and by an over-the-top scenario which ... somehow seems true.' (Mandy Merck, Spare Rib)