DirectorTina Keane
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionA recording of eleven women in order of their age from a child of 6 months to a woman of 82. Each child/woman was asked to sit in the playpen for 2 mins and, without direction, left to their own devices. The tape was originally made for a performance where I sat in the playpen with a mirror and a static camera; through manipulating the mirror the reflection of the audience was relayed onto the monitor. Simultaneously the pre-recorded video was shown on another monitor. The relevant verses of the 'Suzy' song are interspersed throughout the tape, overlaid on the original soundtrack of afternoon TV, women's and children's voices, and one voice giving camera direction. 'The high camera angle gives an 'adult' point of view, the extent/limitation of the zoom and aperture echoes the restrictions on the occupants of the playpen.' (Tina Keane)