Re-creating Black Women's Media Image
TitleRe-creating Black Women's Media Image
DirectorZeinabu Irene Davis
FormatUmatic video
DescriptionThis video was completed as part of an undergraduate thesis, intended to expose the negative character that has been historically assigned to the roles and images of Black women by films and television. It shows three women in non-stereotyped situations. The first, an aunt - Rowena Stewart, is the Director of the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society; the second, Donna Dailey, a poet, community organiser and single mother whose sense of purpose is totally inspiring as an older sister. The third is Asma Feyijinmi, a younger sister, and a dancer and political activist. 'Throughout my life my mother had always tried to project positive images of womanhood to me, but her best and most painful gift was the sacrifice of herself...This video is a tribute to her and the many Third World women like her.' (Zeinabu Irene Davis)