Almost Out
TitleAlmost Out
DirectorJayne Parker
Duration1hr 43mins
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionThis tape is a confrontation/dialogue between the filmmaker and her mother, both naked. The gap between intention and expression is explored as the camera isolates parts of the body, and the women speak of how the image relates to themselves and their body image. Parker says at one point, 'I want to please my mother, that is what the film is about!' The mother looks at her naked body on the monitor and talks about how she feels being produced as an image. There ensues a brutal but caring talk between mother and daughter which is disturbing, sad and breathtakingly intense. 'I feel that my mother is inside me. She is very happy. I want to push her out, gently, because I care for her and don't want to hurt her. My father is inside me. He is asleep.' (Jayne Parker)