Stranger Baby
TitleStranger Baby
DirectorLana Lin
Format16mm, Vhs video
DescriptionSubstituting sly metaphor for political rhetoric on immigration, Lin examines our world of ethical and racial complexities. Framed as a mock science fiction, Stranger Baby, offers different perspectives on what it means to be human and what is labelled alien. A woman is haunted by an androgynous apparition; female characters peer out of sci fi past; curious faces flicker on a TV screen. Their often anxiety ridden communications issue from technology, memory, and fantasy. The fleeting images are spontaneously 'read' by disembodied voices on the soundtrack whose conflicting speculations reveal the human impulse to assign ready meanings based on visual cues. Excerpts from interviews and scripted narrative weave into an internal monologue that addresses both the threatening and attractive aspects of the...the alien.