Hairpiece: A Film for Nappy Headed People
TitleHairpiece: A Film for Nappy Headed People
DirectorAyoka Chenzira
Format16mm, Umatic video
DescriptionHAIRPIECE is an animated satire on Black consciousness from the standpoint of various haircare devices. The film uses photographs, drawings and collage to illustrate the social significance of different hair styles (such as the rebellious Afro of the 60s) and to trace the methods used by Black people to get woolly-type hair to 'go straight'. The search for the magic potion or hair gel that will stop the hair from 'turning back' is conveyed through a humorous mix of text and soul music, giving a context to the question of self-image for Black women living in a society where beautiful hair is supposedly hair that blows freely in the wind...