No Longer Silent
TitleNo Longer Silent
DirectorLorette Deschamps
Format16mm, Umatic video
DescriptionDiscrimination wears many faces, often supported by religion, custom and tradition. In modern India, where age-old traditions collide with twentieth-century values, it is women who bear the heaviest burden. NO LONGER SILENT takes a revealing look at aspects of this discrimination and at the determination of some Indian women to bring about change. Prejudice against women in India is exemplified by customs like the century-old dowry system. NO LONGER SILENT explores one tragic case as a mother fights for a just investigation into her daughter's death. What she confronts is a legal system that seems both indifferent and ineffective. The film looks at the growing trend in India to identify the gender of unborn babies using amniocentesis - a procedure designed primarily to detect birth defects during early stages of pregnancy. Female foetuses thus identified are almost always aborted. Although the injustices against them are deeply rooted, the women in NO LONGER SILENT remain steadfast, determined to change the attitudes and amend the laws of their country.