Anou Banou (The Daughters of Utopia)
TitleAnou Banou (The Daughters of Utopia)
DirectorEdna Politi
Duration1hr 25mins
Format16mm, Umatic video
DescriptionEmina, Yetka, Yehudit, Mita and Rachel: women born at the turn of the century in Russia or Poland, went to Palestine in the twenties 'to build the country by building themselves'. Sixty years later they evoke the adventures, hopes and the struggles of that period when they believed that the world would change. Heirs to the ideas of Marx, Herzel and Russian feminists as well, they struggled to reconcile socialism, Zionism and feminism. What has become, today, of their dreams' The State of Israel exists but is it really what they had dreamed of'. 'The story of these women fascinated me and at the same time posed problems for me. While we were filming, the war had not yet broken out in Lebanon but things were happening in Trans-Jordan. We tried to talk to the women about this, but I became aware that they could only discuss it to a certain point. Those were their limits and we had to respect them...I am not interested in saying 'this is good that is bad'. Of course that's to do with my biography...What I'm interested in is attempting to show that you can love something without agreeing with it over everything.' (Edna Politi)