Dark Lullabies
TitleDark Lullabies
DirectorIL Angelico
Duration1hr 21mins
Format16mm, Umatic video
DescriptionDark Lullabies is a film about the impact of the Holocaust on a generation of Jews and Germans born after the Second World War. Seen through the eyes of the film-maker, herself a child of concentration camp survivors, the film looks at how the children of survivors have been affected by their parents' ordeal as well as how their German contemporaries deal with the confusion and guilt about their parents' crimes. The film-maker's quest takes us from Canada to Israel, for the First World Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors who, like herself, are seeking to come to terms with the painful legacy handed on to them. Inevitably the quest takes us to Germany where the film-maker seeks out the children and grandchildren of Nazis to discuss their feelings and experiences. While some have chosen to perpetuate Nazi values or to deny the past, others are sincerely trying to come to grips with it.