Often During theDay
TitleOften During theDay
DirectorJoanna Davis
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionOFTEN DURING THE DAY focuses on the activities that take place in the kitchen. A series of delicately tinted black and white stills draw our attention to those familiar corners of the kitchen where dirt gets trapped; the dark stains left by tea leaves; the spattering of food round the cat's saucer on the floor. A woman's voice describes the traces left by those who use the kitchen, reflecting on tasks of cleaning and repair - the 'small unnecessary' tasks. Written extracts, taken from 'The Sociology of Housework' by Ann Oakley, remind us just how synonymous women and domestic labour are. Gradually, the film presents a way of seeing the habits and routines which are taken for granted as part of a 'woman's identity' in a new light.