A Question of Choice
TitleA Question of Choice
Director Sheffield Film Co-op
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionThis video examines the type of paid work that married women - particularly those with children, without adequate access to training, in the low income bracket - find themselves doing. Women employed as school cleaners and kitchen staff, who receive insultingly low wages as a consequence of the low status attached to the job, speak for themselves: they need paid work in order to supplement the family income and because they want to work, but the lack of childminding facilities coupled with the fact that most cleaning jobs don't even reap enough reward to earn 'the right to sickness benefit' makes this an uphill struggle. 'Woman has always cleaned' declares a male caretaker, who prefers to work with women because it is easier to exert his authority. Prevailing attitudes like this reveal the degree to which 'women's work' is denigrated in the home and in the sphere of waged employment. A QUESTION OF CHOICE comments on the extent to which women have internalised this and perhaps convinced themselves that their labour does not deserve credit or importance.