To Be A Woman
TitleTo Be A Woman
DirectorJill Craigie
Format16mm, Umatic video
DescriptionMade in 1951, this documentary about women's employment states its case through carefully reasoned arguments articulated by Wendy Hiller's vehement commentary, accompanied by powerful visual footage of women at work together, and historical archive material on women's struggle for equality. Beginning with a glance at Victorian attitudes, quoting the demeaning legislation 'Women, Criminals and Lunatics May Not Vote', and ending on a rallying note that it is made 'a proud thing to be a woman', the film promotes the positive values of women as a part of the labour force amidst our devaluation and exploitation as 'cheap labour'. The case for equal pay is stated both as a principal - equal pay should be granted as a right, not a privilege and as a practice - to make women cheap labour is in effect to undercut the men.