Fully Ordained Meat Pie
TitleFully Ordained Meat Pie
DirectorGillian Coote
FormatUmatic video
Description'It would be analogous to consecrating a meat pie on the altar of God to ordain a woman.' (Father Ian Herrin, Melbourne,Victoria) This detailed and moving documentary examines arguments from various viewpoints on the ordination of women into the priesthood. The documentary's central character is Dr. Patricia Brennan, the National President of the organisation for The Ordination of Women. Her determination and that of other women to challenge the limited roles available to women in the Church is vividly captured. The documentary follows her campaign to the special Synod of the Anglican Church in 1987 which was specifically called to decide 'Can women be Priests'. Vehement opposition to the motion is expressed - 'to be a representative of God, you have to be male'. Despite intense lobbying and the women's firm belief that Christ taught liberation and equality and that the bureaucratic church structures, which deny equal access to the priesthood are not sacred, but reflect secular tradition, the motion failed by a mere handful of votes.