Salvation Guaranteed
TitleSalvation Guaranteed
DirectorKaren Ingham
Format16mm, Umatic video
DescriptionA black and white Trans-Atlantic road movie set in the American mid-west where driving is as essential as breathing. A British daughter watches her mother, who can't drive and has nothing to do, become seduced and eventually addicted to television evangelism while her new American father works on his Cadillac. SALVATION GUARANTEED is a subtle comedy cum melodrama. Through the mother's search for the perfect destination (Heaven equals America) the film explores the blatant hypocrisy and ever growing threat of evangelism; in the name of God give us all your money, in the name of God, women must be submissive. Eventually 'Heaven' starts looking like Britain so the mother and daughter begin their journey back there only to be followed by the voice of an evangelist on the sound track saying that Britain is the next land to be saved.