Nuclear Defence 'Living In a Fool's Paradise'
TitleNuclear Defence 'Living In a Fool's Paradise'
DirectorS Fonseca, S Gillie, V Grut, J Holland
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionThe International Women's Day for Peace (May 24 1983) was significant in that it linked the Women's Peace Movement with women in the Trades Union movement. NUCLEAR DEFENCE LIVING IN A FOOL'S PARADISE explores the reactions of participants and onlookers on the Day, making connections between our attitudes to protest and the influence of education systems, the media and the State. The video is also made up of interviews with women from the peace movement and the Trades Union movement such as Tessa Woodcraft, then Equality Officer of NALGO, and Valerie Coultas, a journalist for Socialist Action.