Women Of The Rhondda
TitleWomen Of The Rhondda
DirectorEsther Ronay, Mary Kelly, Mary Capps, Humphrey Trevelyan, Margaret Dickinson, Brigid Seagrave, Susan Shapiro
Format16mm, Umatic video, DVD
DescriptionWOMEN OF THE RHONDDA turns much needed attention to the role played by women in the gruelling Welsh Miners' Strikes of the 20s and 30s. The film consists of interviews with four Rhondda women interspersed with shots from Rhondda streets and coal mines. The memories elicited, as well as the importance of working class women's contributions to the strike makes this film essential viewing. The film shows a tremendous commitment to its subject, and an insistence that oppression resides in 'trivial' details and everyday assumptions. 'My brothers ended up the strike very, very sunburnt, whilst my mother was worn out'. (Mrs Davies, Rhondda Valley) A story of solidarity and women's courage which has stayed hidden in more conventional histories. What comes across is the strength of women within the struggles of the labour movement.