Woman: Who Is Me?
TitleWoman: Who Is Me?
DirectorJudith Keller
Format16mm, Umatic video
DescriptionA fast, witty and pertinent film which pulls apart the dominant (male) ideology of art through the ages and points an instructive (female) finger at all those who never looked further than the image itself. 'The film focuses on the role the visual media have played in shaping women's and men's expectations for themselves and for each other. The viewer is involved in a display of women ad they have been portrayed through the centuries, in the assorted roles imposed upon them by society. The film functions on two levels, it allows strong feelings about sexism and feminism to surface...it also could serve as the basis for a course of classical myths, legends and apocrypha and how they persist today in shaping our self-images.' (Barbara Barnum and Beverly Hotchner)