Rethinking Rape
TitleRethinking Rape
DirectorJeanne Le Page
FormatUmatic video
DescriptionRETHINKING RAPE examines why sexual violence has become such an acceptable part of society, and 'acquaintance rape' (when the rapist is known to the woman) so commonplace. The experiences of three women are recalled in the light of attitudes which reinforce the idea that women are generally unassertive, easily dominated individuals (i.e. that a woman means 'yes' when she says 'no', that a little force is acceptable. and that men possess and women please). Similarly, the popularity of pornography is examined, drawing together images of women in sexually submissive positions from such mainstream soft-porn magazines as Penthouse and Hustler. Outside the civic auditorium, where the Miss California contest is held every year, demonstrators chant 'No more profits off women's bodies!' A male spectator shrugs and says 'We exploit everything else in this society, why not women'