Waking Up to Rape
TitleWaking Up to Rape
DirectorMeri Weingarten
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionWith courage and honesty, three rape victims explore the immediate trauma of rape and reveal the long-term psychological effects of this all too common violent crime. Rape crisis counsellors and a female police expert explain the impact of social attitudes and misconceptions on the recovery of rape victims. Self-defence training is introduced as a support for women in exploring their strength, vulnerability and control over their lives and as a means of rape prevention. Because WAKING UP TO RAPE looks at the complete cycle of rape - the personal trauma, social reactions, the treatment of the victim, the long term effects and recovery process - it is an important and valuable film for general audiences. It also offers excellent support for women coping with rape, and information for health professionals and police in providing a more effective and sensitive treatment for rape victims.