DirectorPatricia Diaz
FormatUmatic video
DescriptionBACHUE is the named of a goddess from a myth of the Chibcha people who used to live in central Colombia before the Spanish conquest. 'At the beginning, Earth was in darkness and then Bachue came from the sea and gave birth to the sun. That is the myth. The tape is a personal re-creation of the role of women in talking, singing, acting, myths. 'BACHUE is also a tribute to Carolina Guarnizo, a friend and film-maker who died in Colombia last year.' (Patricia Diaz) A sensual and poetic film, shot along a vast pebbled coastline. Colombian music, masked mythological figures, animals and elements of air, sea, sun and moon convey the story of Bachue's arrival, her awakening of the sun and her return to the sea.