The Decision
TitleThe Decision
DirectorVera Neubauer
Format16mm, Umatic video
Description'Once upon a time there was beautiful princess and from far and wide men would come to woo her...' So begins THE DECISION - the story of Any Princess, which uses a clever and effective mix of live action and animation. The film expresses the dilemma of motherhood: caught in between a childhood world and a reality in which the dreams of princesses rapidly dissolve into mountains of housework, nappies and routine chores. '... is it a question of being decisive or having to choose' Not afraid to confront the painful, the film embraces both the everyday work, of housework and the hopes and fears of 'where-does-it-all-begin? and 'what if?'. (Claire Barwell) One of the most brilliant and disturbing (films) that I've seen for ages, (the) animation is sheer original delight, mood set to music and voices in a series of dancing, transmuting episodes'. (Helen Mackintosh)