In The Beginning... Of the End
TitleIn The Beginning... Of the End
DirectorRenate Stendhal, Maj Skadegaard
Format16mm, Umatic video
DescriptionIN THE BEGINNING...OF THE END, is afilm version of a multi-media audio-visual experience, which originally combined slides, Super-8, sound effects and music. A voyage of discovery across History, uncovering Herstory: 'a voyage of women becoming' which takes three turns en route. The first outlines the cycle of patriarchy...'one day my prince will come...he doesn't have to be beautiful ...but I do' - a young 'Sleeping Beauty' reveals the irony of women's conditions and Cinderella's glass shoe (almost) fits. The second turn leads through the victory of culture over nature, 'He could not create life, so he created GOD! inventing the greatest story ever told - how God created the world!' Finally, 'Sleeping Beauty' opens her eyes, leading us backward in time to a vision of women's culture and the end of women's submission, slowly but irrevocably undoing what has been done.