In The Land Where Serpents Sleep
TitleIn The Land Where Serpents Sleep
DirectorJanni Perton
Format16mm, Umatic video
DescriptionThis story has a fairy tale/mythical quality. References are made to Rapunzel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty: all three were locked away because of their 'beauty'; freedom coming only in the form of another's desire. 'Indirectly' say Janni Perton, 'the source of ideas behind the film stem from my experience of being in Colombia.' The timeless quality of the landscape and the attitudes of its people are reflected in the mood of the film: 'They say before this spoke to others only in questions, that all were equal in humility to the land. Weaving a tale of happenings - frozen in time - long, long ago, IN LANDS WHERE SERPENTS SPEAK presents on one level a re-working of the myth of Narcissus. On other levels it offers a series of ideas about time, language, memory and how man came to see himself as the centre of the universe (and how woman did not).