Mad Bad Mortal Beings
TitleMad Bad Mortal Beings
DirectorLudmilla Andrews
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionThis visually rich and haunting film follows the journey of a young woman, Cait, through her pain from a broken relationship to her eventual resolution. The story begins on a beach with Cait looking at a photograph of the man she has just lost and then moves through different landscapes and spaces that are in affinity with the emotional crisis she is going through. Memories of joyful moments with her ex-boyfriend coincide with conjured images of his new girlfriend. The varying landscapes along with the voice over, reflect Cait's swings of mood and flood of memories. MAD BAD MORTAL BEINGS conveys a ritual of recovery in the final shot with the photograph drifting off to sea, symbolising Cait's release and new hope for the future.