Miss Queencake
TitleMiss Queencake
DirectorAmanda Holiday
Format16mm, Umatic video
DescriptionMixing reality with fairy tale, MISS QUEENCAKE follows the plight of Bira, a 16-year- old mixed race girl from the North of England. Scenes in a school from Bira's childhood touch on the racism inflicted on her and her eventual escape into her own world. In her fantasy she is a Princess, in reality her father marries her off to a white boatman. The newly-wed couple, the boatman eager and full of racist stereotypes and Bira, full of wariness, loathing and wisdom, embark on a honeymoon on his boat. Through beautiful imagery, poetry, myth and fairy tale, MISS QUEENCAKE explores and challenges the racist concept of 'exoticism', of the placing of Black women by white European men as 'other'. Bira's fantasy world, which could be construed as 'crazy', is in fact more real than the boatman's. Her strength prevails, shattering the boatman's dream and instilling her with power.