Lady Lazarus
TitleLady Lazarus
DirectorSandra Lahire
FormatUmatic video
DescriptionLady Lazarus is a visually woven response to Sylvia Plath's own readings of her poetry. These readings plus extracts from an interview given just before her death provide an anchor for a film which celebrates her macabre humour and cinematic vision. A carousel of images in windows, an atmosphere of constant metamorphosis; her poetry as cinema. "Sylvia introduced her "Lady Lazarus" reading by saying "The speaker is a woman who has great and terrible gift of being reborn. The only trouble is she has to die first. She is the phoenix.... She is also just a good, plain, very resourceful woman." In this film my Lady Lazarus is a woman drawn irresistibly towards Plath's voice. She becomes a medium for Sylvia, as in a seance, as the film travels between Massechusetts and Camden."